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As a family we have fallen in love with the river outside our home, watching all the different boats go past is incredible and so the dream began.

Sailing is always something Gavin has dreamed of and I love canal boats I think they are adorable. Our plan is to start out sailing and maybe look at a canal boats as we get older.

We found some amazing YouTube videos on sailing (sailing Uma, Sailing Magic Carpet) and slowly the dream got bigger we wanted to travel and learn how to sail, Sebastian was excited to learn and go on adventures too so we began what we thought would be the long process of buying a sail boat. We had a few ideas in mind, this isn't a boat to live on long term just yet this is a practice boat if you will, something we can learn to sail in, maybe explore the UK first before deciding about living on a boat long term.

Starting the search, we had a few criteria on our list -

up to £1500

22ft (ish) trailer sailors

big enough for the family to be comfortable in

starter sail boats

Our list was short as we didn't really know what we were getting into.

Ever the dreamer I sent endless images of large cruiser boats that were more luxurious than our home, but I had to control my dream (haha). I also had no idea how much boats of any kind would cost some basic boats are almost £3000 which is around $3700. As much as I would LOVE a luxury yacht to sail around the world and explore these incredible places, I knew we needed to be realistic and learn how to sail first.

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