First family sail... well almost

Okay we were towed... but in our heads we sailed along to the next marina.

As our day began we were filled with nerves, excitement and for me serious anxiety... what on earth have we done? Is this the biggest mistake ever?

We sat on the field at Pin Mill and took in the scenery admiring all the other boats around us having a spot of sushi and a sarnie for lunch, after walking around all the mooring and chatting to a few people we started to feel a lot more comfortable with our decision everyone was really supportive.

As Brigantia's a bit worse for wear she wasn't safe enough for us to take on our own to the next marina, the person we purchased her from recommended a tow to the next mooring so along with his boat we towed along the river to Pin Mill Moorings in Ipswich.

Even while being towed it was such a relaxing time listening to the water and just taking in our surroundings and reminding ourselves how lucky we are to have been able to start this adventure.

Towards the end of our tow/sail I was telling Seb it made me cross that there was plastic bottles in the water and how i wish we had a net to scoop it out... When we were home Gavin asked if we saw the jelly fish and the penny dropped - note to self always where your glasses and don't make assumptions. With out knowing we were watching 3 moon jelly fish dancing around our boat and that in itself was an amazing experience.

Our first experience of mooring up was very smooth we were both panicking about how we tie correctly and making sure the boat is safe, we moored on a swing mooring and Gavin took charge of this and was so in control when securing her to the buoy. Let's hope all moorings are as easy as this.

Getting in the little dinghy was the worst part it was sooo rocky and full of cold salty water Sebastian hopped in and loved it, I hated trying to clamber with the cameras and bags etc... into the dinghy but we needed to get back to land, Gavin was fine and when we were all in a sorted he rowed back to the pontoon. Sebastian was the first one out and he was ready to tie the knots and secure the dinghy but myself and Gavin doubled checked (just in case).

The pub in the village rescued us and we had a delicious fish and chips while looking at all the boats still sailing by.

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