Living simply in a hectic world

I get asked all the time 'what is simple living?' and i answer very simply... For us it is taking time to appreciate our lives and generally not living by the hustle and bustle of society.

So this year has been hectic, with all the extra rules and restrictions on our lives lots of you have found it all the more important to appreciate what we have and live in a calm and slow way, to try and make the most of this crazy world at the moment.

I have loved seeing pictures/post on Instagram of families enjoying nature and being outside to take in surroundings more and noticing how fortunate we all are to have such lovely woodlands and countryside to enjoy right on our doorstep, while I appreciate this isn't on everyone's doorstep we are never to far away from nature to enjoy its abundance of flowers scents food and sounds.

As we walk around our local area we are finding out more and giving our busy minds a rest when ever we go for a walk along the river or through the farming land/country side we do a little mindful task which is as follows... hold up your hand with all five fingers just stand or sit for a moment and every time you hear a new sound put a finger down. Then see if you can see where the sounds where coming from.

Our area of Norfolk is beautiful right by the River Great Ouse and just behind the river is oodles of farm land and countryside so we frequently feed to ducks, geese and swans and take our time while walking.

A conscious effort to appreciate what we have has been top of our list through the rough times of this year, especially as purchasing things was made very difficult, in this time I have decided that as a family we will adopt a much more simple way of living we have a huge garden and chickens so we have eggs and recently harvested potatoes etc... This easy way of living and just taking things day by day has really helped with all the added stress of shopping instead of feeling crazy levels of depression and anxiety we found gardening and walking was incredible for both mental and physical health, it also allows you to have an escape if you don't have a garden try sprucing up your balcony or courtyard or even simple window boxes with herbs not only can you use the herbs but with the windows open the smells are incredible and all natural.

I fully appreciate that simple living works differently for each person/family and the most important part of this is you do what is best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY, if you want to take some of our ideas and adapt them to your way of loving that's great. If not that is ok to simple living is different for everyone, the most important thing to remember when trying to live slower and more meaningful is to take things one step at a time there are so many YouTube videos on how you should empty your wardrobe and clear everything i do not agree with that I live a simpler lifestyle and have had clear out but nothing like what 'you have to do to'. YOU do YOU! If you have enjoyed this post, please give it a like and subscribe.

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