River side life

I get so many DM's about living by the river and what we do here, and the answer for this is simple... We live an amazing lifestyle here.

We can feed the ducks watch the swans nesting and the signets swimming along as well as gazing at the incredible canal boats, river boats, rowing boats, paddle boards and sail boats.

Our English springer spaniel Butler loves early morning/evening walks along the river chasing the birds and jumping fences as well as having a paddle in the water.

Recently we have started to learn how to fish and make the most of the beautiful area we live in, the fishing season started around 4 weeks ago and it is the most beautiful way to start/end the day sitting out on the river bank in the tranquil silence fishing... We are yet to catch anything but there is plenty of time yet, we also have a couple of cray fish traps that we throw out every now and then, you need licences for both but the cray fish application is free as they are pests on our river on the positive side they are delicious in salads.

Our lifestyle here has changed so much and we love it although our dream is to live aboard a sail boat and travel the world one day, we live a pretty incredible life right now and we are going to soon be able to sail here and there.

The countryside and riverside life has helped us all mentally and physically when you get those MEH! days it is a great feeling to just nip outside and admire the scenery.

My son chose the hedgehog image.

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