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So, the conversation was short -

Gavin - Jen I have found a boat but she has a hole in the bow

Jen - Don't be stupid why do we want a boat with a hole in it.

Gavin - It's not as bad as it sounds she was only under the water for 24 hours.

Jen - What?! she sank and you want to buy it NOOOOOO!

Gavin had originally found Brigantia on eBay and contacted the seller to inspect the damage before hand, we watched the eBay listing go up and up (way out of our price bracket) we were gutted as I was slowly coming round to the idea of fixing her up and making her beautiful again.

Little did we know the boat bidding was a failure and the owner contacted Gavin to see if we were still interested and how we would like to move forward.

After some long discussions on pricing and how we need to budget storage and repairs etc... we came to an agreement (patreons get all the juicy details).

2 weeks later

We are the new owners of Brigantia the boat with a hole in it (note to self Gavin doesn't listen haha)

Gavin was aware of the extent of the damage before hand and on our first visit we all took the trip to Ipswich to view her but due to Covid we unfortunately couldn't all go into the marina, so I had to take Gavin's word for it.

I was extremely skeptical as we came home that day with a Suzuki 4 stroke out board engine in the car because it also didn't work so we couldn't move Brigantia even if we wanted too, I am lucky that Gavin is beyond capable of fixing this type of engine so over the weekend the engine was pulled apart but needed some new parts (we are still waiting for them as they are made to order)

The time came...

Saturday 13th June was the big day we were going to collect our not yet beautiful sail boat. Due to the lack of experience in sailing and the un-repaired engine we were able to be towed to Pin mill boat yard as this is where she would be taken out of the water and assessed for internal and external damage (including the cost the fix the hole in the bow) we are fully aware that there will be lots of time spent restoring her before we comfortably sail her again.

We towed along with the previous owner and it was pure bliss the sun was shining the breeze was lovely and my little boy Sebastian took to the boat like a duck to water (no pun intended!) He had his new life jacket and was away, wondering up and down the boat asking questions and loving life on the boat. Seeing how Sebastian reacted was a big deciding factor for us because if he wasn't going to enjoy this experience it was very time consuming and expensive to just do as a hobbie, so now we know he is 'on board' we are even more excited to move along and progress.

We had a truly amazing adventure that weekend and can not wait to go exploring different areas in our boat - that still feels surreal saying that out loud.

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